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Burn The Boats

If you’re looking at jumping into the world of business, this is an excellent book to get. Matt covers the reasons and the philosophy behind “burning the boats” when getting started. He also gives quite a few examples of people that have done this to great success. There’s a lot of important factors in the mind at play when doing something like this.

Matt gives quite a few examples in the book of people who took the “burn the boats” approach and were very successful. I can’t speak from experience from this book, because I’ve been the kind of person who would have a backup plan ready to go in case something failed. That’s something that Matt explicitly warns against doing. I do agree with his viewpoint of why it shouldn’t be done. I can also see why some wouldn’t want to take that approach though.

Matt covers why most people fail at their own ventures is because they never burn the boats and go all in. This was one of the biggest reasons he warned against having a backup plan, as many people will fall back to it the moment they come up against any type of adversity. There’s quite a bit of actionable content in the book that would be good for someone that is willing to go with an “all in” approach.