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Building A StoryBrand

This is an incredibly important book if you’re starting a business or some sort of a side hustle. I really can’t overstate how critical this book is and that you should really read it and put the tactics to play. There’s really important reasons for this. First, you must have a brand. I don’t understand how there are still people on places like YouTube that say really dumb shit like to not worry about putting yourself out there, and that you can build a business from the shadows. This may have been true years ago and while is still true for some outliers, it’s rapidly changing. Customers and clients are looking more and more into the background of companies and the people behind them. If you have a black hole for a brand and nothing comes up in Google when someone searches you, you’re going to have a way steeper hill to climb.

Second, you need to show that you’re a human. This might surprise some people, but there’s more and more people that’re interested in doing business with humans, not with big corporations who they have no connection with. Every now and then, I’ll see some people throw an objection about starting a business or side hustle by saying things like they can’t compete with Amazon. You’re not trying to compete with Amazon. That’s something completely different to what you’re trying to do, unless you want to have a mega corporation.

You need to show other people that you’re a person just like anyone else. When you do that, you’ll start to establish your own brand. That’s exactly what I’m doing right now with you reading this site. I’ve been consistently creating a large volume of content that gives an educating approach, which in turn helps build a brand for me. Doing things like that is what makes people want to follow and/or do business with other people.

Now the hard part is telling a good story to go along with the brand. I can’t give much input here as this isn’t something that I have, or maybe I just think my story isn’t all that interesting. Much of my life has consisted of work, and I don’t have a unique background, like being a SEAL or having travelled to 50 countries. If you do have a good story though, you should follow the frameworks in this book to help you tell it. It’s something that’s really powerful to leverage for those that have one.